Internal Doors – Real Wooden Veneer Finish

The Internal Doors – Real wood Veneer Finish doors sets are at the pulse of the times in UK internal doors market and with the German concept of pre-finished door this is the maximum level that can be reached for internal  doors. The natural beauty of valuable woods is shown to the full in original HGM doors sets where combined with the high specification hinges and locks can create some stunning interiors design wood veneer doors.  Lovingly finished to the highest quality, they are acknowledged as some of the best living-room doors available. The made-to-order, craftsmanship finishing makes every interior doors a unique item customized for the customer with options required by him.  Ranging from traditional Models to contemporary designs, our range of internal doors offers a fascinating variety of veneered and solid wood doors, corresponding to the most diverse styles of living. In addition, if you’d like to enjoy a little luxury, choosing HGM premium class doors means the best without compromises.

Wood Veneer Internal Doors : Living Dreams Become Truth

Ranging from real wood veneer doors through laminate doors to glass doors, there is a possibility to choose almost any model with a variety of functions without compromising on visual appearance. The German concept offers you a simpler solution: matching wood veneer internal doors and frame packages, precision-made to your specifications. These arrive at your site fully finished (no painting is necessary) and ready to install. From technical point of view the doors sets have the advantage of helping the customers to cut the future costs. There is an internal door for every room from non-standard room height, multi leaf doors to customized doors, also there are offers door sets concept for all social classes with more than 600 models and colors, providing door solution for every room. Everyone has a basic need for safety and protection. This does not apply to workplace alone, it is also important for living areas, hotels, schools or hospitals therefore there is has a good range of doors as fire protection, smoke protection, noise protection, burglar resistance, radiation protection, climate stability and moist room. Internal wood doors veneer sets made in Germany are the most leading groups in the European door industry. In addition to industrial manufacture, craftsmanship still plays an important role by putting together for example the real wood veneer for a door.

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