Sliding Doors - Glass Designs

Common types of hinge doors often create “dead corners” in rooms. An opened hinge door leaves no space for placing objects. Sliding glass doors offer a better use of space. Formerly considered as an alternative for hinged doors they have become attractive objects of furnishing in their own right. Sliding systems are elegant and add some distinctive flair to the living space. In modern residential construction, you have to consider the many advantages of these doors.

Light, clarity and transparency with glass sliding doors

The best space-saving solution is a pocket door – a sliding glass doors which slides discreetly into a space in the wall. This is also the best way to display your unique glass door. Regardless of whether you incorporate this element in the design of your new house or are interested in a retrofit, we have the solution. The sliding doors system can be retrofitted through dry lining with the pocket system or on the wall whereby the finishes of white, stainless steel or aluminum are easily combined with the design of the room.

You want more light in your home and enjoy having a view? You want functional elements coupled with artistic accents? Then the TVIN 2.0  systems is perfect with a sliding glass doors from our range which is the one for you. The advantage of the sliding system  with sliding doors is at your fingertips due to the ease that its slides and close, in addition to it there is a soft closer so even if you slam the door this system(soft closer) stops the sliding doors, then it moves slowly to the closing point. The sliding mechanism is hidden behind a pelmet barely 5 centimeters high, satisfying even the most adamant of purists. Also space-saving and a homage to technology – the open sliding system which slides in front of the wall, finished in aluminum. The hidden system makes it the perfect addition to uncomplicated and clearly structured interiors. This system is  also easy to retrofit and provides a sophisticated counterpoint to the decor of older buildings.